NaNoWriMo 2019

It’s November and that means NanoWrimo. 

I’m terrified. 

  1. Because, I’m a major perfectionist
  2. Because, I’m a major panster, and
  3. I majorly feel so unready
National Novel Writing Month is an annual Internet-based creative writing project that takes place during the month of November. Participants attempt to write a 50,000-word manuscript between November 1 and November 30.

Yeah, I know: Well, Macy, ya shoulda plotted. I mean, I kinda plotted? I’ve been plotting Moon Reign’s Book 2 for the past two years – You should see the notes on my phone! 

Novembers are busy months for me and my husband. First off, we travel like a lot in general, and the last leg of fall going into winter, we’re just like, see ya CT. We’re notorious for booking flights and taking off. 

For example: This Sunday, we fly to Austin for an F1 race which is that afternoon when we land. We come home Monday, and Tuesday night, I have a book event. The following weekend, we leave for Paris for our sixth wedding anniversary. Two days after we come home, I have another book event, and then November’s pretty over.

So, I guess lots of plane rides for cranking out words? Oh hey, first class? Yeah, could I please have another espresso? I need to be awake for this red-eye. Thank you. 

That’s pretty much how it was last year for me too, and I was like 10,000 words shy of reaching the 50k. I wasn’t too bummed, I just made a goal for 2019’s NaNo that I was gunna make the 50k. 

I hope I can do it. Just to say that I did it, y’know? (Also because, I want a NaNo sweater as my reward. And to be that much further in book 2.)

Last year’s Nano, I lived at one coffee shop in town, was there 10-5 every. single. day. Except Wednesdays. Wednesdays I forced myself to be a housewife and wash my hair. Every other day of the week, I lived off of dry shampoo, old jeans, and gluten free blueberry muffins from the café when I wasn’t eating in airports. I remember telling my husband, “I look homeless (LOL)” and then I’d reason and say, “It’s an author thing and Drystan needs me.” 

I’m prepared to be living off of dry shampoo again. 

There’s a thrill to it for me, and an anxiety thing too. Like, I can’t wait to hunker down and just get buzzed on a dark roast and hang out with my characters all day. (I can hear my husband now: that sounds like you every day, why is NaNo different?) *shrugs* Like I said, it’s an author thing.

And then the anxiety part of me is like… uh, wut r wurds and I basically start Twilighting. (The verb form of Twilight Sparkle – overthinking, list-making, panic-attacking, perfectionist-ing etc.)


Other than me being on a verge of freaking out, I think I have all that I need for the days I am to cave myself in at home:

Tea and coffee 


Dry shampoo


Printable Nano Calendar

(And you can choose your color! I got pink!) 

This year’s NaNo, I will be continuing to work on Moon Reign’s sequel. November 1st on my Insta, I will be announcing the concept cover and working title, so stay tuned! And if you wanna be buddies on NaNo, click right here:

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