The Indie’s Insta-Schedule

Starting my author page, I had no clue as to what I was supposed to post in the beginning. It took a while to fall into a routine and a weekly schedule that would not only build my author platform, but also draw in genuine readers and followers with true interest.

If you’ve been in the Insta-world for a while, you’ll know that Insta is all about visuals. But because we started our pages for the sake of our writing careers, we have to remember: Insta is how we promote our work.

The more we remind the world that “Hey, we have books that we’re writing, come check out my work”, the more they’ll want your book.

We’re writers. Post some writing.

Here is a weekly posting schedule that has become natural for me. It helps consistency, it’s constant with sharing your work, and it gives opportunity to brand your page with a style all your own.


Give your audience some good vibes to start the week right. They might also share it and tag you! (Which is exposure)


Your audience knows you’re a writer – Now start sharing your work! They won’t know you’re an awesome writer unless you prove that you can wield those words with awesomeness.


Leave ’em with that “dun-dun-dun” feeling.


Tell us about your imaginary world! Well, okay, it’s probably not so imaginary if you built it – You’re a writer!


Obviously, can’t forget this one. Share something that shows your growth, how far you’ve come on your authorly journey. Or, a piece of your old cringe-worthy work to prove you’ve bettered your talent! *cringing just thinking about this*


Can’t forget your fan base and all your friends. It’s nice to spread the love once in a while and share the encouragement.


Share. More. Work.


Make love to the camera! Or, let your book cover do it for you. Tell the world why they should read your book, why you make a special contribution to the writer community, or why they should be in expectation to read your book (for those still working on their WIP’s)

Posting can be hard. And demanding. Sticking to a schedule, I’ve found, can help ease the anxiety of “what am I to post today?” (TIP: Take advantage of saving drafts – Prep a handful of posts in advance!) When you know what you’re to share day by day, or what your followers have come to expect you to share, building your author platform on Instagram can become easier.

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