“We’re All A Crumpled Page”

An Author’s Thoughts on World Mental Health Day

Back in May, I wrote a blog for Mental Health Awareness month, and in honor of October 10th’s World Mental Health Day, I decided to turn it into a podcast-like video. ⁣ ⁣Some of you might have seen my previous videos, the ones I’ve posted here with my excessive laughter and craziness.

Well, that’s just one side of me. ⁣ In this spoken blog video, I talk about another side, and maybe it’s a side like yours. For the next eight minutes, I’ll touch on childhood, depression, daydreaming, and adulthood as a writer.

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that MD (maladaptive daydreaming) is a form of escapism. I don’t know what I’m escaping. […] I don’t know if it’s because somewhere along the way I became insecure with myself that I used my characters as a crutch of acceptance and therefore I have an idealized me that lives a separate life in my head.

– Macy

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