Constructing a Paracosm Part 2 – Moon Reign’s Unicorns

Moon Reign was an innocent hobby that somehow – magically – became my life and my full-time job all in one. Somewhere in that transition, still writing my first draft, I realized I had a lot to do to make things a little more real in this paracosm I’d created for myself. I realized I had some world building to do. This three part series will string you between the lines of how I ironed out some world-details of “A Fallen Star.”

Part 2: Unicorns

“My kind ismade of stars, and justly, our kingdom was materialized from the elements that created us.”

Moon Reign – A Fallen Star chapter 15

Key word in the excerpt: Kingdom. Moon Reign’s sequel will take a reader far beyond the outer rim of stars of the galaxy to a far-flung kingdom of unicorns and their Queen. The world-building that went into this secret-galactic-long lost- star-mapped kingdom of Aureole was mind-boggling for me. But the elemental aspects of it and the people that live there wasn’t all I had to take into consideration. I had to focus on the unicorns themselves. 

Are they all the same? It’s a kingdom, so there has to be structure – Do they have roles, ranks, titles? Is their magic of equality, or are there ranking levels of star magic? All the questions! And, this Part 2 will give all the answers. 

The Fallen Star

Book One has a hunt revolving around the Fallen Star, the unicorn witnessed by Drystan and many others. Said star has a name, I’m just not spoiling anything for those who haven’t read it yet. But a basis for all unicorns: 

“We’re merely stars coated in this skin,” (…) “When you saw me, coming down to Arigae, what you saw was not thisbody. Our physical bodies are impermanent for living here. We always return to the universe.” 

Moon Reign – A Fallen Star chapter 15

All unicorns are made of stardust. Under corporeal bodies lies a network of astral chromosomes. (See last post on star magic) The Fallen Star would most likely resemble your typical unicorn – white silky coat, tall, oversized ears with a spiraled horn. However, because Moon Reign’s unicorns are galactic creatures, their manes and tails are nebulous material, described as colorful solid smoke. My inspo besides rainbow nebulae? Aerogel.

But this pretty pony is capable of turning into something destructive. After all, she’s a star – formed from an explosion brighter than 10 billion suns. 

Power inflamed her mane with poisonous plum red, ready to protect. 

Moon Reign – A Fallen Star chapter 26

Driven to fight, these unicorns can go from whimsical to weapon in a flick of star-fire. Which led my mind to wander into the ranking system in Aureole.  

The Queen’s Guard

Two unicorns of the Queen’s guard stood on either side of Osric. Muscle chiseled from onyx, their coats forged with ink and the flesh of black holes, the sentinels towered with intimidation. Articulated crinets of shiny jet fastened to chamfrons, their curved black horns and fiery pink manes distending through their armor. Nebulous manes snagged on an invisible current between their lifted feathered wings. Their rank, if not perceived by their massive wings or their thin swooping tails that plumed with magenta, was endorsed through their armor.

Unnamed Book 2 chapter 1

Pink and black (a favorite color combo of mine) takes a whole new meaning when applied to the Queen’s sentinels. Unlike our Fallen Star, black horns are curved, tails are lion-like,  and they have wings. 

Unicorn wings are bestowed by the Queen. They are a sign of rank.  Kind of like the hierarchy of angels. 

In combining the ideas of rank and the fact that unicorns were born from stardust, it took me a while to create an even higher position in Aureole, one that might be more important than the Queen’s guards. 

The Astrifers

They’d work to do, the Astrifers – soaring the cosmos, sweeping up the stardust under their white wings, all the remnants of dead stars. They were star-bearers made for flight, star-sweepers of the cosmos. 

Unnamed Book 2 chapter 16

I worked up a massive search history of Latin and galactic-inspired words and found Astrifer, which translates to starry or star-laden. Which fit this role perfectly, for these unicorns are the ones to gather stardust and help begin the magical metamorphosis of bringing to life new unicorns. But in order to fly through space, it rounded their role back to the concept of unicorns being “stars wrapped in skin.” Like the Fallen Star, the Astrifers have the power to go from solid physical structure to vaporous spiritual beings. 

The comet-sizzle of an Astifer’s transformation. Material body flew high for the gate, {portal into space} white starfire crackling in its wake.  And in a flash of its horn, its structure disintegrated into astral particles, plunging nose first for the open void of space with an aerial, celestial, body made to surf the cosmos.

Unnamed Book 2 chapter 16

And then things got deeper for me. Creation, life, unicorns – Where did it start? 

The Sanctum of Illusions

 Not exactly deities, not even exactly real, the triad of unicorns that are believed to have created the universe and all things in it are confined to stone in Aureole, in a garden known as The Sanctum of Illusions. 

Three statues, three unicorns, three phantasms of the universe. Legs depicted atmospheric composition, vapor and matter forged into corporeal bodies of polished marble. Solid shoulders were caped with magmatic wings, an ever-flow of mucilage turned to stone. Manes, tails, cloudy beards, frozen in the same euphoric current. Above blank expressions, behind alert ears, a pair of curving horns crowned them with loftiness, and suspended between, a third eye of raw lapis sustained an orbit.  (…) The oldest, the first of their kind, believed to have created the galaxy and all that was in it. Abstract incarnations of the extremities of time and space found an abode upon their altars. 

Unnamed Book 2 chapter 5

Okay, so: Legs of gaseous matter, wings of magma, beards, and a third-eye of lapis between two horns. What the heckin-heck are you trippin’ on, Macy? 

Do I even have to say it? No, I know that Sponge Bob one liner immediately played in your head. 


Three statues, because they represent Divinity, Destiny, and Eternity. 

 “For, life was divinely made, sewn from oblivion, stitched with stardust. For, love was destined to intertwine its power through dynamic beings. And light was created to shine for eternity. Together they are the sacred energies that spin our galaxy.”   

Unnamed Book 2 chapter 5

Did I lose you in the depths of my world? I hope not. 

My reason for adding so much depth into Aureole, unicorns, and a creation myth was this: As much as I try to exclude religion from my writing, people and nations need to believe in something. Beliefs are what move, bind, and inspire people to do the things they do. 

A Fallen Star was solely based on magic and the Birth of a Unicorn. The Birth had to come from somewhere. If unicorns never truly die, they have to return somewhere. It all pointed towards a hierarchy of stars and unicorns, all of which is waiting to be published in Book 2. (Aiming for 2020. Hope my stars align for me!)  

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