Constructing a Paracosm Part 1 – Moon Reign’s Magic Systems

Moon Reign was an innocent hobby that somehow – magically – became my life and my full-time job all in one. Somewhere in that transition, still writing my first draft, I realized I had a lot to do to make things a little more real in this paracosm I’d created for myself. I realized I had some world building to do. This three part series will string you between the lines of how I ironed out some world-details of “A Fallen Star.”

Part 1: Magic 

There are several types of magic systems that pull together my debut. Star magic, Elvish magic, dark magic, and dragon magic. Doesn’t sound complicated right? I mean, it’s magic – magic can do anything. 

Yeah, well, that’s what I thought to. 

Once upon a time there was a unicorn who held the most powerful magic in all of creation and when it came down to the planet bearing a special royal message, a hunt broke out in its trail, desiring to claim its power, but then, because it’s the most powerful thing in all of creation and it’s magic is unstoppable, it won. The End. 


 Without rules to magic, there’s no conflict. Without conflict, there’s no story. And without a story to tell, you’re out of a job. 

My first draft had some major plot holes in it regarding laws of magic and thus needed some rules when it came to everyone’s abilities, and I wanna break them all down for you guys. 

Star Magic

“Star magic is wondrous, and staggering, inconceivable to most. And it can be very dangerous. But, I do know, that it thrives on one’s heart condition. If taken greedily, the magic is tainted.”

“Moon Reign – A Fallen Star” chapter 2

Unicorns were born in the galaxy. Their physiological structures are composed of stardust, basically being the result of a supernova. The concept behind this is that such energy really has no end, even though a supernova indicates the death of a star. It is what they call a transient astronomical event. The explosion helps enrich the elements in the galaxy that aids new star formations. One energy to the next, one life to the next – In a sense, it has no end. So unicorns never truly die. (Pretty powerful beings. No wonder they were hunted.) 

Star magic emits an array of colors, or energy auras, because the galaxy is not just black and white. In the event of a Birth of a Unicorn like what Drystan witnessed, the unicorn’s comet-like trail will resemble its energy aura. Pink, in the case of Moon Reign’s main unicorn. 

A unicorn’s star magic was built upon two ideas: cosmic manipulation and heart condition. Cosmic manipulation is the power to control the cosmos. (Summoning asteroids, comets, stars, etc.) However, the limitations are just as intense. Time travel, reconstructing the galaxy, and resurrecting the dead are all major no-no’s. 

The heart condition concept is how the magic will engage with one’s commands because the galaxy was built upon love, the most sacred energy. The galaxy’s most powerful creatures represent that fact. When a unicorn chooses to share its magic with someone, its choice is based on the person’s heart condition. A greedy intent in the individual can poison the love in the star magic, or taint it, to a feral uncontrollable degree. 

When an individual is chosen by a unicorn, the bond is eternal. The two become immortal as the “no-end energy” is coalesced. 

Elvish Magic

“We’ve all got our special talents,” he informed. “Mine just so happens to be with small animals.” 

“Moon Reign – A Fallen Star” chapter 4

The elvish magic system was based on the idea of cutie marks from My Little Pony. No wait, hear me out, just keep reading.  The cutie marks you see stamped on the flanks of all those little ponies are obtained when they discover a unique characteristic about themselves that sets them apart from others. 

Similarly, for the Elves in Aledonia, a magical talent is developed during adolescence, one that can range from a gift with small animals (Liasar), plants (his brother), vocals and music (his youngest sisters), or even something much deeper such as dream walking and mind reading (his oldest sister). 

Side note: no, my Elves do not have cutie marks on their flanks.

Dark Magic

“Dark magic,” Liasar calmly explained, “And one’s binding to it results, for the majority, in their exile. No matter the kingdom. It’s… it’s an internal plague, Soren. What you saw, here, and at your tree that day? That’s child’s play for him.”

Moon Reign – A Fallen Star” chapter 14

I will be honest with this one: I had NO idea where I was going when I began to build this. It took me some time and a ton of research to match some things that I had already written with no intent of changing. Moon Reign’s book 2 is where the dark magic system truly unfolds and gives a reader some insight to Ragnar’s villainous role. 

I favor this branch of magic  most because it is built upon a lot of symbolism and galactic folklore. I purposely made this darkness as beautiful as it could be. 

Dark magic is learned through intense study. It is learned through unorthodox books, most of which are kept in secret in fear of being destroyed. The practice requires a blood oath, which is why the energy aura is maroon. Which is also why most believe the practice to be a curse, or a plague, unnatural enough to overtake one’s life. But, there’s two sides to every story right? And most devout believers in any practice will always back their beliefs. This is why the raven is the physical symbol of dark magic, and becomes the alternate shape-shifting form of those who practice. The raven symbolizes balance, restoration, and resurrection in one’s life – starting anew with darkness, or a symbolic resurrection in one’s life.

Planetary elements are learned within the levels of dark magic (water, land, fire, air) symbolically representing the planets in the galaxy – oceanic Sceaobyss; earthly Arigae; parched Taetis; and cold ice-capped Flurris. 

Two components of human physicality are also learned (mind and dreams).

“Black is the sun – It is protective and contained and endless as it gives us life, therefore it represents the mind. Purple is the moon – It is stimulating, intelligent, as it watches all sleeping life, therefore it represents dreams.”

Hypatia to Liasar – Moon Reign Book 2 chapter 6

These elements, as hinted in her quote, are color coded and depicted in a set of glyphs, or marks. When an element is mastered, the mark is proudly inked upon an individual’s skin. 

Dragon Magic 

And then came hushed whispers from a faint angelic glow. They caressed the blank spaces in his mind. Words he understood. But, didn’t. A connection. Natural, yet distant. It perplexed him. He struggled, fusing intent through magic light. It strengthened, brightened in his mind’s eye. Escalating to an intoxicating high of power, a burst of illumination through his chest.

Moon Reign – A Fallen Star” chapter 4

The simplest of the magic systems, dragon magic was once conjured by Drovahski, an ancient, unwritten and forgotten dragon language. Through a lifetime of generations, the magic has been entwined to something closer to instinct, which is why ancestral whispers will arise in a dragon’s mind when connecting to their internal power. 

Centered in these whispers is a light, or an energy aura of white, which will illuminate through the scales on the dragon’s chest.  

For wild dragons, this instinct of magic is relied on for self-healing, telecommunicating,  and for emitting a paralytic poison.  

When a dragon chooses to share its magic with an individual, a bond is made through a dream. I felt like this was a very personal form of promising devotion to someone, which I feel went in line with one of my first sub-plots: Aledonia’s case of Dragon Throe, a dragon’s lethal heartbreak which causes its magic to physically seep from their soul and poison all surrounding life. This, if not addressed immediately, will take the dragon’s life. (Don’t worry, Soren doesn’t die.) 

There you go! The between the lines of all Moon Reign’s magic. Hope this shed some inspo and enough curiosity for you to dive into my debut!

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