Moon Reign’s Life Lessons Part 2 – Liasar

“Sometimes, composure is called for. Even when all the power in the world runs through you.”  – Liasar

Excerpt taken from M. Wednesday’s “Moon Reign – A Fallen Star” chapter 52

Part two of this series brings us to another side character, one that is teaching me the meaning of a slow tongue and a patient mind. The Elvish kingdom of Aledonia lies just north of the coast, and the Crown Prince was raised into a stellar example I hope my readers can follow. 

Liasar has become one of my dearest characters. I truly love him. As I’m tying up the final strings of a debut’s release, I’ve plunged into a sequel and I’m proud to say I’m seventeen chapters in. Two of which are lengthy and dedicated to expanding Liasar’s character into the plot. I can’t tell you much about how he’s changed, or rather, how he will change.But I can tell you that he is the epitome of patience and peace.   

Royal family. First born son out of five children. A mother and father, a Queen and King. Life was a busy household of duty, siblings, and Princely occupations. He’s the eldest of his siblings, and maybe one of the oldest in Moon Reign’s cast (31) Looking deeper into Liasar’s childhood, patience was definitely needed as two younger sisters came after him, and then another, and finally a brother to follow. Patience, though, had to start with the role model and structure of parents. Parents that were raising their kingdom’s next King. Manners, dignity, composure, mildness and self-control are all attributes that make Liasar shine throughout Moon Reign. Even when he has all the power in the world to show anger or the fact that he’s been wronged.  

But, maybe a reader won’t get this pretty picture of him right off the bat. Maybe a reader will find means to judge him. I mean, after all, he is the one taking Drystan’s dragon, Soren, for his own, leaving our MC beyond crushed. He is one of many that joins a rising hunt for a unicorn to bring his homeland and kingdom out of ruination. Selfish? Maybe. Spoiled Prince? Mm, not to me, but I’m biased. (I’m giggling to myself right now because all I see is this face of this character I created and I’m like, no you’re perfect, you’re beautiful, don’t listen to them.) Oh stars, but perfection is always one of those things, isn’t it? Like striving to catch the wind. 

That youthful Elvish appearance, perpetually ageless and perfect with fair features. That chiffon colored hair, cropped to his cloaked shoulders. That expensive attire, a showy display of elegance and wealth. That dainty golden headpiece, spiraling to hold a diamond above his brow. Rage frothed his gut.

“Moon Reign – A Fallen Star” chapter 2

I don’t think that Liasar thinks he’s perfect; Let’s leave that mindset for my antagonist. I think that Liasar’s skillset in magic is perfect for who he is in general. So, a bit on my Elvish Magic System – A magical talent is developed during adolescence. A talent can range from a gift with animals, plants, vocals and music, to something deeper such as dream walking and mind reading. They discover a unique characteristic about themselves that distinctly separates their magical talents apart from others. In Liasar’s case, his magic resides with small animals.

Throughout Moon Reign, the story mentions his dealings with falcons and other smaller birds, horses, deer, foxes, his talent being one of sharing/seeing their thoughts and understanding their unvoiced feelings. This brings him to his desire of wanting a deeper connection with the most desirous creature of all: a dragon. And it just so happens that Aledonia’s neighboring ally, the kingdom of Hardinggate, homes a dragon breeder. (See above paragraph where I hint at him being judged.) For someone to possess such an innocent, delicate, gentle type of magic, I just get starry eyed for Liasar. You’d have to be gentle and patient to govern that type of talent. 

Gentle and patient – Yeah, the things I am not always good at being. Patience is an up and down for me. Slow drivers? Frikkin move. Dogs sniffing the flowers too long? Omg, pee already. Laundry won’t dry fast enough? Holy stars, why do I even waste power using a dryer? I yell at inanimate objects, I yell at the dogs, I yell mentally at myself… Sometimes I wish patience would come quicker for me rather than the retaliation of  pulling out my daggered tongue. But no one, not even slow drivers, deserve to be tongue-lashed. My dogs are small animals. (Literally, two Italian greyhounds and a weenie dog.) I’m a small animal. (I’m 5’5 and I can fit into a child’s 14). I try to not berate myself with negativity. But, that’s another story.

My last post touched on the fact that I have anxiety. And sometimes, when I lose my crap, it turns into anger.  

Well. Liasar doesn’t lose his crap. 

He’s my humbling reminder to calm the hell down when I feel that throat-tightening, hot-tear, anxious-driven heartbeat that’s made me slam my fist into the wall. He’s my reminder to bite my tongue and use more gracious speech. He’s that gentle thing that I’ve always desired to be. And maybe that’s why he is who he is in my book, because unfortunately, that’s just not the way I’m completely wired.  

But honestly? I’ve been doing better. I’ve been doing much better. 

When I think of Liasar, I think level-headed, because there are times throughout the book where he knows he’s made the wrong move. But he owns it, adjusts his crown, and keeps going. Attributes of a King. Same routine when the knife of disloyalty stabs him in the back. 

(Raises handI know that feeling. Maybe you do too. 

Liasar had sided with trust. For, sometimes a good heart prevents oneself to see the bad in others – No matter how obvious their darkness may be.

“Moon Reign – A Fallen Star” chapter 31

Liasar has a good heart. And this is what keeps him from wishing bad on others, or those who’ve been the cause for his trust issues.  Still judging him? Yeah, that’s what I thought – Leave my Prince alone. He has some history with Moon Reign’s villain, Ragnar, a former Captain of the Royal Guard. Things are… complicated, and mostly shadowed in secrets that came to light a bit too late. The above quote is Liasar’s flashback thoughts towards Ragnar. That trust issue turned to scar tissue, and thus bred Liasar’s hate for secrecy. He’s learned that, yes, as much as the truth hurts, it’s secrets that kill. It’s secrets that dethrone the greatness in a friendship. 

I feel like this goes hand in hand with patience. It takes that composure, that mastery of being slow to anger, to allow the attitudes, words, and actions of others to slide off your back with the blood from their stab wounds. Because it takes true gentleness to restrain such wicked thoughts. It takes true grace to pray for your enemies. Liasar has never let his crown slip that far. 


Liasar’s character comes into play rather early in the book, and a reader might get foggy vibes from him at first. Drystan did, although his anger was a massive blockade in seeing Liasar for who he truly was/is. Their initial meeting is a rough one. Their second? Might be better, might be worse. You’ll just have to read all the way to chapter blankety-blank to find out. 

But the lesson learned through Liasar: Never regret being a good person to the wrong people, but still be stable enough to listen to your gut feelings. There’s nothing as kingly as kindness, because kindness and patience is the simpler, easier, way in telling a hurting soul that love is the answer to life’s biggest problems. 

 Lyrical inspiration I used for Liasar’s most recent chapter in Book 2

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