Book Review – “Flawed Dogs”

Hi. It’s not Friday. It’s Monday. But I couldn’t wait any longer. I wanted to tell you about this book that made its way to my “Favorites Shelf.” It was a complete accident, finding this book, but it was the best, the cutest, the most tearful accident that ever happened. 

Flawed Dogs – by Berkeley Breathed. 

1. How and why did the beginning grab your interest? 

I found it sitting on a take-one-leave-one bookcase in a smoothie shop on Glastonbury’s Main St. The cover is what drew me in, waiting for my Berry Berry Goodness. That, and the fact that I’m a weenie dog mom. I hesitated. And then, I was like no who gives a care if I’m 25. I wanna read about the weenie dog with a ladle for a leg. 

It was a well-paid stroke of confidence. 

2. At what point did you feel like, “Yes, the story has really begun!” 

Immediately. Sam is a purebred weenie dog who comes to live with young Heidy and is fated to be a blue-ribbon-winning show dog. But the jealousy of Cassius – a show-stopping champion Poodle – won’t allow it. Sam’s life is turned upside down, and years later without Heidy, he befriends other abandoned dogs and devises a plan to get back at Cassius. 

3. Which setting in the book was clearest to you? Did the descriptions seem vivid and colorful enough? 

Berkeley has an amazing writing voice. It was one of the first things I mentally noted when I parked my butt on the café sofa waiting for my Berry Berry Goodness. For a children’s book, he paints not just colors, but emotions and laughs. 

4. What was the most suspenseful moment in the book? 

Um, well let’s see… lemme count how many times I cried?? If seven-paged-Chapter One doesn’t leave you with enough suspense, then just keep reading. 

5. Was there a situation that reminded you of something in your own life? 

Loving a dog, falling in love with a dog… Saying goodbye to said dog… yes. Hence the tears. 

6. At what point did you feel the story lagged, or your interest faded? 

It didn’t.

7. Was there a favorite part of the book? 

All of it.

8. Were there any parts of the book that made you cry/angry/annoyed?


9. Finish this sentence: “I kept reading because…”

Because I truly loved the book.  

10. All in all, how would you rate this book?

At only a little over 200 pages, Flawed Dogs could be a two-day read that you will not regret. It is an adorable book that belongs on any book lover’s shelf. I can’t say enough good things about this little book. Thank you Berkely; you have an amazing talent and a special way with words that no one else has.  

Ruby Claire also liked the book
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