Mood-Lifters – The Little Happinesses

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope spring is treating you well, and the April showers aren’t keeping you down. Looks like there’s more rain clouds in the weekend forecast here in Connecticut. Gawd, spring, can’t we just get along? But, I will credit the rain in that it can be a mood lifter.

Ever hear a nice storm coming down on a metal roof, the windows open, and the baritone of thunder rolling in? That’s a beautiful night’s sleep right there. An even better one if it’s in Hawaii with the peeping coqui frogs in the background. I wish I’d’ve known myself better when I lived there, but I mean, I was sixteen. Like, what the hell do you know about yourself at sixteen? Near ten years later, and I’m realizing that I have a pretty decent green thumb and that plants bring me genuine happiness.

My banana tree is my happy place.

Getting my hands in dirt and taking care of plants is therapy for me, and the color green is just an extra happy-pill. Green can sprout happiness in me when the soil of my heart becomes dispirited. So, knowing this now would have made my teenage years a whole lot easier. (Thank you older-self for realizing this too many years too late. All those bad decisions could have been avoided…)

Unlike 2AM waffles. Those can’t be avoided. One of my favorite things to do is meet a midnight friend at a 24-hour waffle joint. Neon pink diner sign, the smell of decaf walking into a retro design slightly inspired by 90’s aesthetic nostalgia, and a waffle with no whip cream, extra crispy, with extra butter. Mood.

All the waffles.

My girlfriend and I used to waffle-meet every now and then at a diner in her town. And my husband, still awake with me at two in the morning – “Really? You’re going all the way to Vernon Diner?” – never imposed on our plans. “Just don’t crash,” he’d say.  

Despite the little life-collisions along the way, all roads led me here, and I wouldn’t be approaching six years married to my best friend. He’s come a long way in understanding my dispirited heart soil and sitting with him drinking tea is probably one of my favorite low-key mood lifts. Evenings are for tea, and so we’ll make ourselves a cup and porch-sit, yard-sit, patio-sit, roof-sit, sit anywhere as long as we have each other and our tea. Mostly, we just end up in our mudroom. He’s learned, that to speak to a depressed soul doesn’t mean asking what’s wrong it simply means to let your presence speak for itself, and for that I’m eternally appreciative. 

Porch-sitting, East Coast style

Whatevs. Imperfection is normal and we all need our little lifts. What are the little things that perfect your down days? Share your mood-lifters, spread some sunshine.

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