Travel Bucket List

Hi, friends! I hope your Friday is off to an amazing start, maybe even more so with my sharing some wanderlust vibes for the weekend! 

I’m a seasoned traveler. That’s not bragging – that’s being factual. 

(Okay. Maybe a little bit bragging) 

…But, lemme just put it this way: In 2018, my husband and I estimated that we were away from home-base for about 5 months out of the year. Seasoned. We’ve been from the glitz and glam of Dubai, to the chalky coastline of Croatia, all the way down to clear waters of the Philippines. I have my favorite places, the ones I’ll always want to go back to, and I’ve still gotta list of places that I hope become my favorite. 

Number One on my list: Antarctica 

Photo is not mine, but I hope to replicate it

“Okay, but can you even go to Antarctica?” Yes! Cruise ships depart from Argentina and can last up to a couple of weeks. I mean, you’re all the way at the bottom of the world. That cruise better be a couple of weeks. There’s something fascinating to me about standing where no one’s stood, seen what no body’s seen before. I think there’s a lot  of mystery that remains behind Antarctica. 

Coming in at Number Two: Bali

I don’t want to replicate taking this picture…

I’m gunna be honest in this one. Bali’s waters scare the crap out of me. I want to surf there so bad… My eight-foot longboard would love to taste those waves. But everything that I’ve seen come out of those waters could literally kill me. Like this seagull-jellyfish thing. Like, what the frig even is that? (It’s actually a Feather Starfish, and their butt is next to their mouth.)

‘Kay, a little less scary, Number Three: Monument Valley

Unknown talented photographer

The desert is a magical place for me. It carries peace and serenity and makes me feel grounded with purpose. Maybe that’s one reason I long to see these astounding pieces of art. On horseback. Has to be on horseback. 

Horseback would also be majorly epic in Number Four: Mongolia 

This is why working for NatGeo would be dope

I have a feeling their food would be bomb, and the land would be just as magical as the desert. First of all, I think they have a beautiful culture and beautiful features as a people, and I would love to experience a day-in-a-life anywhere in this country, preferably just like this video. Just… just watch it, I promise it won’t disappoint. 

Number Five shouldn’t disappoint either: Cappadocia 

Sending photo-cred vibes into the universe

A region in Turkey known for fairy chimneys, valleys and cliffs, creation would be even more amazing from a hot air balloon 6,000 feet above it all. I think though, I’d be so content having conversations with strangers over a comforting cup of tea. Research has told me that Turkey’s apple tea is to become your most favorite thing in the world. 

Ready to wanderlust?

What’s number one on your bucket list? 

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