Top 10 Movie Favorites

Hi, friends! Welcome back. If you’re reading this, I am so happy that you made a little time for me today. Let’s talk about movies! 

Like, who doesn’t like going to the movies? Or staying home and watching an old favorite with a dog and a blanket? I’d say that’s more my style, especially when it comes to my first top three: 

Okay, before you click out of here, you can’t deny Balto is beautifully animated. It’s a real shame the sequels seem cheap in comparison – They have nothing on the original. This movie will forever be worthy of fanfiction. I will say, that I’ve never cried watching Balto like I have in the My Little Pony Movie. If you’ve been following me in the Insta World for some time, you might have come to know that Princess Twilight Sparkle is my heroin. I absolutely love her and she’s had a hand (hoof, rather) in reshaping my personality – Her qualities are crush-worthy. Kind of how Johnny and June are in Walk the Line. This movie was my sixth-grade obsession. Growing up listening to Cash and laughing at “the beers he had for breakfast” in Sunday Morning Coming Down (which, now that I’m older and I get that – heck, gimme a beer on Sunday mornings too) I was stoked to have this soundtrack for my chrome-pink CD player.  No judging.

Oh, Toothless, I think you’ve captured the worlds’ heart with your handsome-cuteness. This series brings so much inspiration to me. In fact, I feel like a lot of Dreamworks films are very moving and emotional. I can’t pin a better looking dragon than Toothless, can you? Smaug has some high tallies in that category, but… he’s technically a wyvern so… does that really count? I grew up watching LOTR and, yes, Gollum remains is my favorite. Maybe I just have a thing for bad guys…? And 3:10 to Yuma has plenty of them. A good western will always appeal to me, will always make me want to write an awesome pony-express western trilogy. Maybe one day.

 I definitely don’t foresee writing a sci-fi like Prometheus though. No way. Something as awesome as this is way out of my talent-zone. This is the movie I put on at 10:42 PM and then stay awake thinking of aliens and scary planet stuff. Pirates of the Caribbean? Not so scary. Again with the sequel thing, I reallythink the very first one is the best. Although Dead Men Tell No Tales redeemed the series, in my opinion. World’s End and Stranger Tides weren’t my favorites and, honestly, my mind tended to wander through the slow parts… I was nervous for the series when Tell No Tales was coming out, but I couldn’t be more thrilled with it. 

When I first saw 50 First Dates, I lived in Cali. It wasn’t until I’d relocated to Hawaii and then re-watched it some time later that the puns actually cracked me up harder than before. (Same thing with Grown-Ups – I had no idea what was so funny about “I got mine at Stop-n-Shop” until I moved to Connecticut.) Adam Sandler has always made me die laughing. Big Daddy still makes me laugh, thinking about trying to sneak chips all silently and that annoying Kangaroo Song. 

Speaking of sneaking, what’s the best/worst thing you’ve snuck into the movies before? C’mon, we’ve all done it. Leave confessions in the comments. 

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