10 Things You Probably Don’t Know (Or Would Never Guess) About Me

Hi, friends! Welcome to my very first blog post, and today we’re going to get to know each other a little more. We’ve spent some time on Instagram, doing the best we can to pull each other into our diverse worlds and sharing the importances about our MC’s. If you’ve been following me for some time, you understand that most of my days are in the clouds on a dragon or fighting off some bad guy that’s after a unicorn, or subconsciously girl-crushing on a Cervitaur. But, just for right now, I want to tell you about me. The me behind the screen, the me with the closest thing to a dragon is an Italian Greyhound. So. Let’s get started! 

1. The M Stands for Macy

Shall I reintroduce myself? Hi, I’m Macy, and I like fantasy and dragons and sword-stuff and especially unicorns. 

2. White Anemones are My Favorite Flower

They are so much my favorite, that my wedding bouquet was Etsy-made with nothing but white anemones. The real things were quite pricey to order in November, and I hadn’t wanted real flowers anyways.

From a street-Side florist in Hollywood, CA

3. I Love Camping (REAL camping) 

You know, the kind where you play Indian and you bathe in a river and squat on moss to pee? I don’t like campgrounds. You can’t do that stuff in a campground. Gimme a vacant lake in the middle of Maine, where the directions to get to it are something like, “Start your odometer for 5 miles on the main road, turn left at the boulder, go for about 2.6 miles until you see an abandoned barn…” Real camping, heck yeah – As long as I have my Cordless Shark Handheld Vacuum to suck up the sand and dirt in my tent every night. 

4. I Name All My Instruments (Actually, I Name A lot of Things) 

My belief as a young self-taught teenager: A musician should have a relationship with their instrument. El Torito Negro was my very first guitar, a black Ibanez with subtle orange flames around his sound hole. His name symbolizes youth and strength. Then came Pansy, a satin purple electric Fender that literally smells like a Barbie Doll. Follow is my ukulele. He’s a small piece of Hawaii that followed me home. Stunner is my red electric Gibson. Luna came from the Inner Sanctum at Guitar Center, a LTD-98 Takamine with abalone sun and moon surrounding her sound hole.

5. Fall is my Favorite Season

I can wear all the black I want. No, I’m just playing. I love foggy autumns where your breath is crisp all day and the leaves are painted the perfect shade of amber and your scarf is so long that it trails like a cape… No? That part’s just me? Oh. Okay. Moving on. 

Moodus Reservoir, Connecticut, October 2014

6. I’m a Perfectionist. And I take Pride in making THE Perfect Cheesecake

I enjoy baking when I have the time and the reason to do so. If I’m asked to bring dessert to an event, I’m making sure that thing looks like it sprang off the front page of Taste of Home. Last fall, my pumpkin pie cheesecake was almost a disaster when I pulled it out of the oven with a crack down the center the size of the Grand Canyon. Started FREAKING OUT. Until I filled it and glazed the entire top with homemade caramel and a sprinkling of roasted pecans. Cookies are also a serious thing to me. That’s another post, though. We won’t get into that. 

7. I Used To Be a Vegetarian

(As I just finished explaining it means life or death in creating cheesecakes. Right.) So, I have IBS, which is a common disorder that affects the large intestine, and bloating, gas, and cramps are triggered by a variety of foods. At fifteen, I gradually switched my diet to settle my stomach problems, and I had to cut out all meat and dairy because it simply hurt me to eat it. Sixteen, I decided to add fish and seafood back to my diet because of anemic issues, so there I stayed a pescatarian (vegetarian that will eat fish) until I moved to Connecticut and met the guy who would soon become my husband. His favorite thing at the time was going out for chicken wings. I learned though, all these years later and having returned to my carnivorous ways, that IBS is/can be an emotionally trigged disease. Your gut, your heart, your brain, are all connected and at that time in my life, I emotionally couldn’t handle the after-effects of certain foods. 

8. I’m Deathly Afraid of Butterflies

I remember this one field trip – Had to be in first grade – My mom went as a parent chaperone for me and my little group, and at the time, the San Diego Zoo or Wild Animal Park (I don’t know which one it was, they always confused me) had a massive walk-in butterfly exhibit. Massive. Like, it had a giant rainforest tree in the center and the levels wrapped around it. And it was quiet. Like, unnaturally quiet. Not just because the sign in the entry said BE QUIET but there wasn’t any living thing in this place that I could see. And I was scared to walk because the sign in the entry also said something like don’t harm the butterflies. Well, what if I step on one?? You can’t even see them! So halfway in, clinging to my mom’s arm, and this giant frikkin’ thing comes whispering down out of nowhere for a silent ambush attack on my head, and I remember screaming so hard and collapsing into a ball at her knees. And then the thing was gone. As quickly as it attacked. So yeah, summer in my yard is scary. 

9. I Was 19 When I Got Married

Back to my meeting that guy who liked beer and chicken wings. I moved to Connecticut with my parents in January 2012. He denies it, but I really couldn’t stand Chris when we first met. I was eighteen, he was twenty-one, with a lifted bright yellow Amarillo Edition Ford. Simply put, he just wasn’t my type and my stubbornness wasn’t about to allow us to have anything in common. Little did I know, a year later I’d be his wife. (We dohave a lot in common.) 

10. My Daily Driver has 700HP

Oh Dagger, the car-love of my life, the fastest wagon you ever did see… (I told you I name everything) Dagger is my E63 AMG Wagon, stage two, wrapped matte black. He sounds like a diesel, he runs like a Night Fury, and he’ll go 0-60 in three seconds flat. We bought Dagger to replace Comet, my old lime green x5M Beemer. Comet was ready for a new home. One thing Chris taught me in our marriage-hood was cars – Fast, exotic, super-rare cars – and so finding Dagger online in Chicago… He was one of nine for sale in the whole country. Chris flew to Chicago and drove me home a new Night Fury. During the sunny seasons, a group of exotics meet up for Cars and Coffee in the back parking lot of the local Starbucks. Sometimes we take Dagger to meet new friends. 

Exotic Driving Experience in Lake Mead, 2015

There you have it. Ten things you didn’t know about me until now. Guys, tell me one extra thing about yourselves, leave it in the comments, lemme know what you think – feedback is welcome – and come back for Next Friday’s: Macy’s Top 10 Favorite Movies

Kay, bye! 

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