“Are you afraid?”

The question caught him off guard, scanning, dissecting the three little words for depth. He was . . . staggered. Thunderstruck. Although nothing aligned, made sense, or pointed to his necessary existence, the confusion made his heart smile. He was not sidestepping a thing, as promised. He was in the presence of a legend, and the mightiest being in all of creation. He found nothing that instilled fear.

“How could I be?”

For hundreds of years, unicorns, their magic, and their origins have been condemned to legend throughout the galaxy.

Until, an enigma reveals itself under a grievous spring moon. Nineteen-year-old Drystan and his dragon, Soren, witness what is said to be known as The Birth of a Unicorn the night prior to Soren’s unwilling farewell. Though doubtful, Drystan’s urgent need to reestablish his father’s depleting health drives his faith towards the healing powers of star magic, the most dynamic force in the universe embedded in unicorns. With support and help from loyal friends, he determinedly leaves home in hopes to locate the newborn unicorn.

However, they were not the only ones to have witnessed such a phenomenon. Soren, a kingdom away and slowly sinking deeper into heartsick devastation, endeavors to stop the new people in his life to abandon their obstinate desires in capturing the unicorn for themselves.

Walks of life and conflicting intent unintentionally cross in a race against all odds and the direction of the universe. And, Drystan’s expedition of revival unfolds into a journey of self-discovery.

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