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“Are you afraid?”

The question caught him off guard, scanning, dissecting the three little words for depth. He was . . . staggered. Thunderstruck. Although nothing aligned, made sense, or pointed to his necessary existence, the confusion made his heart smile. He was not sidestepping a thing, as promised. He was in the presence of a legend, and the mightiest being in all of creation. He found nothing that instilled fear.

“How could I be?”

Moon Reign – A Fallen Star

Welcome, to the world I live in. It is full of magic, love, and starstuff. We get around on dragons, and unicorns, starships if you’re coming off-planet; skyships if you’re visiting from the Elvish city in the North. We fight with swords, and scythes, and dark magic. And we learn that the universe plans the way, and it’s up to us to find and follow our star-given path. This is the world I want to share with you.

For hundreds of years, unicorns, their star magic, and their origins have been condemned to legend throughout the galaxy.

Until now.

M. Wednesday’s “Moon Reign” series tells the story of how a hunt for a unicorn crosses the lives of both vile and virtuous people in a race against all odds and the direction of the universe.

Stars are calling.

Sharpen your swords.

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